3 Stooges: Whoops I'm Indian (1936) Review

3 Stooges: Whoops I'm Indian  (1936)
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Just so you know, Volume 2 of "The Three Stooges: Curly Classics" is a lot better than Volume 1, so do not make the mistake of thinking these Columbia shorts are the best of Curly. What you will find here are a trio of comedies with the Stooges in the Old West, or a reasonable facsimile thereof:
"Whoops, I'm an Indian" is a 1936 short that is actually one of the lesser efforts by the Stooges. The Stooges are caught cheating at roulette and are wanted "dead or in bad shape." There is some nonsense involving the boys hunting in the woods, and then Curly dresses up in drag and gets married to a great big hunter named Pierre But that is about it for this one.
"Rockin' Thru the Rockies" is a 1940 short with the Stooges trying to protect the ladies of "Nells Bells" in a wagon train threatened by Indians. There are a couple of decent bits involving ice fishing, Curly's encounter with a bear, and showing why wagon were known as prairie schooners. This one is the best of the bunch and there is more of an effor than usual to work the gags into the actual plot of the episode.
"Cactus Makes Perfect" is a 1942 short where the Stooges start off working on inventions, including Curly's collar button locator, and then get son a lost gold mine by a con man. For those who are offended by the violence of the Stooges this one might be exhibit #1 as the boys using pick axes and shovels to hit each other in the head. They actually have some success locating riches in the mine, which is when the desperadoes show up and we get an ending in keeping with the traditional fate of the Stooges.
If you got rid of the first offering and replaced it with something that was at least an average comedy from the Moe-Larry-Curly period you could justify the title. You would also think that they would have at least one true Curly classic in each volume of this series, but you would be wrong. The last two are good enough to justify four stars, but just barely.

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